Essential features for
your favorite plugins!

Package Custom Sort Order

Start from 6 hours

Setup the plugin in minutes and you can add more value to your paid price packages immediately!

Sorting for Search

Start from 5.5 hours

Choose sorting options for the Search page.

Options for GeoDirectory

Start from 4.5 hours

More point and click options for GeoDirectory.
Show profile tabs by listing owner or non-listing owner

Advanced Fieldset

Start from 3.5 hours

Cleaner GeoDirectory forms by hiding all the fields under a fieldset

Gravity Forms

Start from 5.5 hours

Use the most loved forms plugin in the world to power your listing based enquiry forms.

Buddypress Option

Start from 4.5 hours

A great way to keep the action on your site. Add a new shortcode that is perfect for the GD Details template.


Start from 5.5 hours

Main feature is giving your site members the ability to publish more than one listing without having to pay again.

Elastic and Solr Search

Start from 24 hours

Show all your CPTs on a single search results map and list. Use Service Areas instead of street addresses.

Beaver Builder

Start from 3.5 hours

Field connections, fallback images, and support for PowerPack, too.

Flat File Field

Start from 7 hours

This addon for GeoDirectory creates a new custom field ‘Flat File field’ for storing large amounts of tabular (table, CSV) data.

GetPaid Integrations

Start from 5 hours


Start from 6.5 hours

Location based ‘smart’ newsletters, event reminders, and more!


Start from 6.5 hours

Comes with shortcodes to display number field tallies, averages, and bayesian.

HTML Email Template

Start from 4 hours

Location Search

Start from 6.5 hours

Provide a curated single or double (dependant) dropdown to make sure your visitors find listings on your site.

Custom Marker Cluster Icons

Start from 3.5 hours

Dress up your maps with custom images for marker clusters.

My Location

Start from 4 hours

Use this to show the visitor’s location on the map with a custom marker when they have enabled browser GeoLocation.

More Linked Posts

Start from 3.5 hours

Want to add 16 links to “Places”? With the click of a button you can!

Media Library

Start from 3.5 hours

Allow your admins or listing owners to access the media library to manage images on the Add and Edit Listing pages.

Archive Item Per Package

Start from 3.5 hours

You can select a WP Page for each Package of each Custom Post Type.

Taxonomy Styles

Start from 1.5 hours

Pull GD Category colors and Icons in to GD Single Taxonomy or GD Post Meta taxonomy links.

Maps API By Page

Start from 3.5 hours

This can save you money every month by using OpenStreetMaps on the frontend and Google Maps on the backend.

Popup Search Filters

Start from 2.5 hours

Save space on your site’s search page with popup search filters for multiselect fields and categories.

GetPaid Quickstart

Start from 8 hours. 1 hour for each additional CPT

A complete solution for you who want users to pay first before they add a GeoDirectory Listing on your site or before they register.


Start from 5.5 hours

Want to send new listings or updated listings to 3rd party services? Webhooks for GeoDirectory makes it possible!


Start from 1.5 hours

Customizer settings for common GD elements

Wpapps Press

Free to download

Effortlessly install and manage enhancements (aka “Press”) for your favorite WordPress plugins.


Start from 4.5 hours

With UPkit you can set Elementor global styles to match in the theme settings to quickly get a match to your sites colors and fonts.

Location Data

Start from 3.5 hours

Use GeoDirectory Custom Post Types to store and dynamically display information matched to GeoDirectory Locations.