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Build Your own Mobile APP
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Your app, ready to go in an almost unbelievably short time!

GeoDirectory Mobile App

Automatic Updates!

The app is built with React and we set you up so that new features are deployed to your app IN the store automatically!

We have a roadmap and you get to vote on what new features we add to the app, too.

Design and Configuration Options

Just because everything is automatic doesn't mean you don't get to make it your own!

Use our extensive options to set color and logo, then choose the data to appear in your cards. Tons of options!

Personalization Options

The app has listing search, options to hide a CPT, and even allows you to force login.

Even though we have a features road map, if you still want a custom app, though, we can help you with that, too.

Interactive Feature

Your app users can log in and add the overall rating, and add comments.

Play Store and iOS Apps

You will receive both apps so you can publish both buttons for both app stores and appeal to both audiences.

App Publishing

App publishing with is easy

We do all the work to get your initial app published.
Your app, your branding, in the Apple Store & Google Play Store.


Install and Activate

Install and activate our addon where you can configure all the options on your site.

Customize / Brand

Enable or disable features for your users's experience. Select your layout, add your app icon, change colors, fonts, and more.



Fill a form on our site when you have the basics in place and your URL is stable. We build it and publish it to the store for you.


Promote your App

Place links to your app on your site and in your email signature. Everyone can download it from the store!


Demo App

Try out a demonstration with our mobile app for the Geotourism.Guide site.

Download it now from your store of choice to try it out and see what's new from the site.

If you like it, then sign up now to be part of the next group getting a mobile app!

We add new features to the app on a regular basis. Some features will come with controls so you can enable the feature in your site. Adjust settings using our Mobile App plugin addon within your WordPress site.


Save the changes and the new configuration will be loaded automatically the next time the application is closed and opened on your mobile device.

Mobile App Connect FAQs

We Have Great Answers

We have over 50 years combined experience delivering digital experiences. We developed this application with a long term goal to be your partner for your GeoDirectory mobile app and we are in it for the long haul.

No! That’s one of the best things about this. We publish the app for you so you don’t need to pay for dev store accounts or even worry about the approval process. You provide the information about your site and we publish the app for you.
The app works with any site running GeoDirectory. That’s all you need!
There are additional considerations, to be sure, though. We are unable to help customers who are performing anything illegal on your site. You should be a registered business entity and comply with App store policies.  

Of course! You can check it with a simple step. Download our Wpapps Press plugin here and MAC preliminary here and install it on your site. Follow the tutorial, and you can see if your site is compatible or not.

Currently, our plugin doesn’t directly integrate with restrict content plugins. However, we understand the importance of content control, and we offer a custom development service to achieve compatibility with your specific needs. This service requires additional development hours which can be purchased separately. Contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

The mobile app loads data for display to users directly from your site. If your site is down or the API is otherwise not available then the app will not be able to function as designed.

The app functions with an active subscription. If you don’t renew your subscription the app will not function and will eventually be taken down from the store.

Not at this time, but we are considering making a companion app to server your listings owners with account information and the ability to update their listings or purchase new ones from a mobile app. Be sure to let us know on the roadmap if this is something that would benefit your customers.

The setup/signup fee helps us ensure a smooth project start. It covers the initial project setup costs, including team time dedicated to understanding your needs, configuration, and account setup. This ensures we’re well-prepared to hit the ground running on your project.

The setup/signup fee is intended to cover the initial project setup and administrative costs incurred by our team.

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