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All in one service for your directory website

Fast Directory

Fast Directory is your one-stop shop for all your directory needs.

You can take advantage of Fast Directory on your own hosting or use our hosting.

This bundle contains everything you need to power your directory on a single site, so, pick up your copy today.

With your order confirmation you’ll receive an onboarding link and can request your customized installation.

Put in tickets for what you need and we’ll get it done for you, including publishing your mobile app.


Single Point of Contact

Fast clients get priority support, including help with 3rd party plugin bugs as well as a built in task budget to get things done. Sign up today to save money on your directory and gain a strategic partner!


Pick up Fast Directory to see more.

DetailAdditional Cost
Upgrade Server2 CPU, 4GB, 128GB SSD$ 0.00
3 CPU, 8 GB, 256 SSD$ 24.00
4 CPU, 16 GB, 384 SSD$ 72.00
6 CPU, 24 GB, 448 SSD$ 120.00
8 CPU, 32 GB, 512 SSD$ 168.00
12 CPU, 48 GB, 768 SSD$ 232.00
Upgrade to Dedicated2 CPU, 8192 MB, 120 SSD$ 36.00
4 CPU, 16384 MB, 2 x 120 SSD$ 96.00
6 CPU, 24576 MB, 3 x 120 SSD$ 156.00
9 CPU, 32768 MB, 4 x 120 SSD$ 216.00
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