How to Use Publisher Subscriptions for GeoDirectory

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  • | Posted on May 9, 2023

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This addon is called “Publisher” because the main feature is giving your site members the ability to publish more than one listing without having to pay again, turning them those listing owners into “Publishers”.


– Create subscriptions of one or more CPTs. For each CPT included in a subscription, you can choose a price package and the downgrade action.
– Users must choose a subscription and pay for the subscription before they can add a listing.
– Once the payment is complete the subscription settings are added to their account and they can add listings in accordance with the subscription settings.
– If users try to add more listings than are included in their subscription they see an error message that you can adjust in the settings.
– Users can upgrade subscriptions and the previous subscriptions will expire
– Upgrade Button Shortcode using Publisher Dynamic Conditional

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