Fix Malware Issues and Protect Your Site is a security and protection service with realtime backups for wordpress site

The Watchful Solution for Your Site's Security and Protection

We Solve Real Problems

Regular Malware Scans and Hands-Off Removal

Our service doesn't sleep and keeps an eye on your site 24/7 to prevent intrusions. We catch those bugs and clean them up right away! We scan your site regularly and we'll send you a report if there is any activity to be concerned about on your site.

Expert Support

Our number one priority is making sure you feel like our number one priority. Our team knows WordPress, has deep experience troubleshooting issues, and won't quit until your problems are solved.

Available Now

The monthly subscription includes

$ 30
  • Realtime Backups
  • Offsite Storage
  • Malware Scanning
  • Malware Removal
  • Site Hardening
  • Firewall
  • Premium Support FAQs

We Have Great Answers

We are a premier eCommerce hosting provider since 2010. Known for our strong expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce, we have  delivered innovation and an exceptional experience to small businesses and the designers, developers and agencies who create for us for over a decade. Together with our  partners we are developing hosting and WordPress innovations to meet all our customer’s needs. 

Our team lives and breathes WordPress. Many of us have been using it since the earliest years and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Our Managed WordPress platform was built from the ground up with hundreds of modifications and special rules to ensure you have the fastest, most stable, most flexible delivery service for your content. We have some advanced features that other services charge 1000s per month. Our system was designed to dovetail perfectly with our hosting service to remove all your worries about site security and protection. We’re on the watch! And you should be too!

Once you set up your new account, we can have your site setup within a day! We have an exceptional  team ready to help. Better still, since we offer support, all you need to do is grant us access and it’s a worry free road ahead!

We are probably already on the case. Our automated systems are industry-first and set to automatically detect over 100 potential infection indicators. At the first sign of infection we are working to examine the site, clean the infection and provide advice for steps to take to prevnt the next infection.

Realtime backups make that possible! Just let us know what you are looking to restore and we’ll get that back online for you! Right away! Support is available by phone or email!

Yes! We support WooCommerce and table restore! Whatever your needs for your single site we can handle it.

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