Add a Private Message option on GeoDirectory Listings

A great way to keep the action on your site. Add a new shortcode or widgets that is perfect for the GD Details template and BuddyPress Profile Page.

BuddyPress Options for GeoDirectory

Author Box and Private Messaging

You can still use Send Enquiry as a form, but, this is a great way to keep the action on your site.

Your site’s visitor can send a BuddyPress message to The Listing Owner directly on GD Detail Page listing.

Once set up on the GD Details template, logged in users can see a new form.

The new Private Message form has a required field for the message they will send and a send button.

Use this with GD Dynamic Content to add value to your paid listings.



Custom User Profile Tabs

Create BuddyPress user profile tab. Add as many profile tabs/sub tabs as you wish.


Custom Profile Page

Override default BuddyPress Profile page templates 

Widgets Included : 

  • profile
  • timeline (activity)
  • friends
  • groups
  • Notifications

Link Group BuddyPress:

Add new GD Link Post Field to connect GD Listing with  BuddyPress Group. Linked GD listings will show automatically on BuddyPress Group Detail Page. 


Requires BuddyBoss Platform or BuddyPress


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GeoDirectory Core, BuddyPress or BuddyBoss


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